Formala 1 Racing! High Tech and so much more…

Formula 1 is still worlds number one sport. Not so surprising. New technologies really are born here. It is the perfect environment to test new ideas and technological innovations. From engine to body parts and from aerodynamics to light weight constructions with a lot of software and control engineering.

red-bull-racings-rb10-2014-formula-one-car_100454505_lAnd if that is not enough for an engineer. They even tour the world. Racing on different tracks under different conditions means fine tuning and a little bit more fine tuning till the race car is perfect for the race and the driver. Speed, power, control, beautiful places and die hard business.

I really look forward to this year’s race. Also because the FIA has implemented some new rules on design, form and engine power. Do I have a favorite? Not really. I just favor the one who races clean but is willing to take the risk to make it a real battle on the track.

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Always seeking for adventure.

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