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The SEFI 2014 conference will take place in Birmingham UK with the following theme: Educating Engineers for Global Competitiveness. Fontys University and the Brainport Region in cooperation with the Dutch government have developed a program to create a new educational ecosystem. This abstract gives a glimps of and explains the organization and the structure of this new and unique ecosystem.









Connecting Higher Education, Business and Research to develop a Future Educational Ecosystem

SEFI Abstract No. 0095

R. A. Abdoel B.Eng, MSc., S.R.G. Kawarmala-van der Kuyp MSc.,I. Verwaal MSc., MA., H.A. van de Vrande B.Eng.

The Eindhoven region in the south of the Netherlands is the heart of the high-tech industry. The regional companies have understood that collaboration in manufacturing, development and innovation with suppliers is key to retaining a competitive position in the world.

Fontys University is fully aware of the dynamics and significant (economic) potential of the high-tech manufacturing industry. Fontys plays an important role in the regional innovation system as an industry partner and it is leading the way in higher education in advanced emerging manufacturing technologies. As such, Fontys has decided to collaborate with regional industry to invest in and develop a new Centre of Expertise focusing on high-tech manufacturing and materials.

This new development will boost cooperation and partnerships on many different levels, helping to fulfil our stakeholder’s different needs. In general, this model of public-private cooperation will contribute to our government’s goals and Brainport’s human capital agenda. The demand for more and better engineers is closely connected to curriculum development. Interesting enough due to technological development entrepreneurship plays an important role. This means that the engineer of the future must be equipped with more than just deep technical competences. Non-Technical competences as in communication skills, project management, group dynamics etc. becomes more important.

The Eindhoven region is also very attractive for international students and knowledge workers. The cultural aspects should not be underestimated. In this paper we will investigate these different aspects and how to connect higher education to international operating high-tech businesses by collaborating and executing applied research.

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