Additive Manufacturing and Fontys Objexlab

This year the RapidPro conference in Veldhoven The Netherlands was just amazing. 3D printing was the main attraction. Fontys Objexlab presented itself and is part of this great adventure on putting 3D printing in plastic and metal in the spotlight of one of the most promising and emerging technologies of the future. 


There is so much to discover and there is going to be a major impact on how we design and develop products. Fontys Objexlab will play a major role when it comes to education and applied research on Additive Manufacturing. We are aware that this is not a one-man job and we encourage everybody to join us on this journey to explore the landscape and possibilities of 3D printing.

For more information on Fontys Objexlab check the website: or

Download the article here: Objexlab ED RapidPro 2014


Always seeking for adventure.

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