Paper: The Changing Role and Competences of the Teacher

This paper describes a research about the changing role and competences of teachers and the willingness of the teachers to change. The researchers developed and conducted a survey at Fontys University of Applied Sciences department engineering to find out how teachers teach and how they would want to teach. The conclusion drawn from this research results in five subjects of attention:

  1. To investigate new teaching competences;
  2. To investigate new teaching strategies;
  3. To develop collaborating professional environments for teachers;
  4. To develop a formal declaration of how companies can participate effectively in the process of the transition of youngsters to professional practitioners;
  5. To investigate how the organization should change their culture and structure towards a professional learning environment for students and teachers.

Educational Playing Field

The above mentioned items will be subject of further research in the coming study year. The main goal is to develop a business case or strategic plan on how to implement change in teaching engineering education.

Download the full paper here The Changing Role Of The Innovative Teacher:

This paper was presented at the SEFI conference 2011 in Lisbon.



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