ING Round Table on 3D printing @DTW2014

Yes! 3D printing is indeed a hype. Hypes really have 2 states only. A hype can become a trend or a hype just explodes and never comes back in that particular form again. Remember the internet bubble? But I believe 3D printing will stay and will have a huge impact on the industry and everything else connected to it.

The biggest potential for Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) will be in the high-tech high-end industry. This does not mean that other sectors won’t benefit from this new and emerging technology. The opposite is true. Starting from the high-tech industry where the money will be made and the added value will increase there will be many cross overs to other sectors. From Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Care, Machining, Fashion, Dental, and you name it. To only thing that will hold is when we will hold back on our own creativity.

The ING round table sessions at the Dutch Technology Week 2014 was really more an awareness and maybe a little an inspiration session. Companies are seeking for ways to learn and better understand what this new technology will bring and how and when they have to dive in and invest in machinery and knowledge.

Fontys Objexlab will play a major role in educating, training and assisting companies to adopt and where possible accept this technology to make better, more creative, more functional products in less time and with less waste while promising the customers and consumers that they will get customized and personalized goods. Because that is the power of 3D printing.

‘Bedrijven nog onwennig met 3D-printing’ _ NUzakelijk _ Nieuws voor ondernemende mensen


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